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Our Story

Hi! We are the faces behind Dockside, Jamie and Caitlin Evans,we both have been business owners and in the food industry for years. Caitlin graduated from UMES with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has always been passionate about the hospitality industry, from working for Marriott to educating high school and college students on the hospitality and tourism industry, to now owning her own business with her husband Jamie. You can find one or both of us at Dockside most any day of the week. If you see me in the restaurant, feel free to call me "51", and ask how I got the nickname. Jamie started his own baseball business, which led him to work in Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays and an appearance on HBO’s Real Sports. He now enjoys his days at Dockside, greeting customers and running all the things! We have two boys, Gray (9), and Kie (5), and their passions are sports, sports, and sports, with a little Xbox mixed in. Gray loves talking football, especially the Ravens, so feel free to strike up a conversation with him, but be prepared for him to pull up a seat and stay awhile. Kie Kie (that’s what everyone calls him) is the jokester of the family, so be careful around him; he may just be pranking you. The last member of the family is Crush, the Bernese Mountain Dog. He went from being the family pet to being the official mascot of Dockside. He loves to be loved on. Come by and say hi and enjoy our family favorite, the Honey Old Bay Wings!